Are you new to exercise or beginning a workout program again?

Exercising may seem easy to start. There are all kinds of workouts and exercises you can find in magazines, online or even from friends.

But is it really that easy?

How do you know if it’s the correct exercises to start with? How is your fitness foundation?

Even if you have been an veteran of exercise for awhile but took time off from consistent workouts, is your body still functioning properly?

Many people who begin a workout program don’t take the time to build a good foundation of movement and strength. Let alone start with primal movement exercises.

Faster Results

In this video, I am going to share you with my Top 3 Beginner Exercises You Need To Do First before jumping into any full workout program. I say it’s for beginners but really, it’s for anyone who’s been out of the workout world for awhile. It’s a great refresher for body mechanics and movements. And it will only further enhance your workouts so you achieve your desired results quicker.

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I recommend practising the squat, push up and deadlift over and over again. These top 3 beginner exercises can be performed daily. I suggest start with 10-12 repetitions and 2 – 3 sets. When your body mechanics of these exercises improve, you will become more efficient with all daily movements.

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Joe Cheng
Online Fitness and Wellness Coach

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