Are you ready to sculpt your lower body without totally destroying your legs (that can come later)?

But for you, the beginner or the guy who hasn’t exercised in awhile, this is a perfect way to rebuild your solid exercise foundation one building block at a time.

In this youtube video, I share a beginner lunge matrix (lunge circuit) but it doesn’t if you’ve never touched a weight before. It’s for you, who may need a refresher and start with something less intense. This body weight lunge circuit is perfect for anyone who wants to tone their legs. Lunges are a primal movement and one of my foundation exercises. Lunges in this circuit help with multi-directional movement since lunges are not just a forward motion. In this bodyweight lunge circuit, there is the forward lunge, backward lunge, side (lateral) lunge and diagonal (multi-directional 45 degree) lunge.

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If you haven’t exercised in awhile, this is a great conditioning bodyweight lunge circuit to build up strength and joint stability. Give this a try and comment below on what how this lunge circuit is working out for you.


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