A beginner squat circuit to build a strong foundation and stronger legs after 40. Even if you’re not a total beginner but have been inconsistent with exercising, this is a great beginner squat circuit to rebuild your fitness foundation.

Take the time to build muscular leg strength correctly. And if you happen to be over 40, this is vital to condition your body properly. This hits home for me since I’m heading into my mid 40’s. You and I don’t recover as quickly as we once use to. So I encourage you to slow down and take the time necessary to build stronger muscular strength to help prevent future aches, pains and injuries.

In this beginner squat circuit video I go through a home bodyweight circuit of 4 different variations of squats:

  • 1) Bodyweight Squat
  • 2) Plie Squat
  • 3) Wall Sit (Isolation Squat)
  • 4) Lateral Squat

I recommend targeting 12-15 reps and 2 sets. If you find this too difficult in the beginning, aim for 8-10 reps.

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