A push up is one of the most challenging exercises for beginners or anyone beginning to exercise again. But push ups are also one of the best exercises for beginners to build upper body strength quickly. This beginner push up circuit home workout is a progression push up workout which shows you how to put 4 different push up exercises together.

A variation of push up exercises will benefit beginners and allow the body to respond to various upper body movements and recruit muscles as needed.

In this video, you can follow along and perform the 4 different push up beginner exercises:

  • 1) Regular Push Up
  • 2) Diamond Push Up
  • 3) Incline Push Up
  • 3) Decline Push Up

I recommend doing 2 sets, 8-12 repetitions for each push up. As you become more comfortable with the push up and your strength increases, add on reps and sets.

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Stay fit and healthy anywhere,

Joe Cheng 
Online Fitness and Wellness Coach

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