Unsure about what to buy for home workout equipment? This is video is my 4 best beginner home workout equipment which you can find on Amazon. It’s basically a starter kit which will provide many different options and variations for exercises and challenges.

Stay away from big bulky equipment. You just don’t need it for your home gym. Equipment like treadmills, bikes, elliptical trainers, rowing machines, are great for big gyms and if you have tons of room to store them. But if you’re looking for versatility and being able to bring equipment anywhere, then you want to have small but effective equipment. Plus, big equipment means big bucks!

In this video, I recommend a few items to get you started in building your home gym. Start small and light. You will be able to do multiple exercises and styles of workouts. I took the time to find some links of similar items on Amazon.com. In Canada the prices are a tad different. You can find them all below.

Here is a list of similar beginner home workout equipment on Amazon US:

Here is a list of similar beginner home workout equipment on Amazon CANADA:

Stick with inexpensive equipment which I have found Amazon to be on of the cheapest places for workout equipment. You can always add to your home workout equipment when you are improving in strength and consistency.

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