Get Stronger with Resistance Bands

Home workouts are perfect to feel comfortable in your own environment. Add in a piece of versatile equipment and it opens up a variety of exercise options to enhance your at home workouts.

This is an upper body strength exercise workout using the resistance band. I will be demonstrating arm and back exercises using a light large loop band.

If you don’t have your own personal bands, I recommend these resistance bands from Amazon and they’re affordable.

This video of upper body strength resistance band workout will include these exercises:

  • Resistance Band Back Row
  • Resistance Band Tricep Kickback
  • Resistance Band Bicep Curl
  • Resistance Band Shoulder Side Raise

Watch till the end for a bonus exercise.

Changing your workouts whether it’s at home, gym or outdoors is always important for progressions. Using a versatile piece of equipment like a resistance band is perfect for home or travel.

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We’ll see you shortly in next week’s post.

Joe Cheng – Personal Online Wellness Coach

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