So my body was desperately wanting me to get up and move. And what better way today then to do a combo of upper body and core exercises. Isn’t it a win win if you can achieve multiple goals at one time? I’ve created a bite-sized workout which can be done in 10 minutes or less. You will see a variation of push ups and how it will continually improve your strength not only in your arms and chest but your core stability muscles.

In this video I go through 4 different full body exercises to target your entire core muscular system.

Try these exercises for yourself to warm the body and improve core strength to prevent any nagging back aches and sculpt your abs.

  1. Push up with alternating leg raises
  2. Stationary Inch Worm
  3. Staggered hand push ups
  4. Side to Side Plank

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Bite-sized workouts are efficient and effective and I need these shorter workouts. Life is busy with kids. As they grow up, their schedules become fuller and trying to fit in exercise becomes a struggle. If you’re feeling the time crunch and your body is beginning to become less flattering in your eyes, I can help you with that. It costs you nothing and you’ll get a detailed summary of the custom coaching I can provide. Have a look,

Until my next video, stay fit, pain free and healthy,

Joe Cheng – Online Fitness Coach