Are you always feeling a chill down your spine? I’ve got a quick 2 minute total body warmup what will heat your insides in a jiffy.


By activating multiple body parts, increases blood flow and generating calorie consumption. A quick exercise routine will not only help increase body temperature but maintain strength and mobility in the body.

And today, while I was waiting for a client for an outdoor training session, there was a cool winter chill in the air. I was on a bench and put together a quick warmup for myself not only to heat the body but loosen up my shoulder and hips.

There are 5 exercises in this routine. I performed about 12-15 reps with each one. I wasn’t really keeping track but you can extend the repetitions or duration of each exercise. These exercises can be down in the morning or evening. They are all bodyweight exercises and I recommend this simple warmup routine before any workouts or physical activities.

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If you looking for more quick routines which you can do anywhere besides a gym, but also in a gym, I have a free guide you can download,Gym Free 7 Minute Workouts.

Did you have 2 minutes to try out this warmup routine? What did you like about it?

Joe Cheng – Personal Online Wellness Coach

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