IF you’re are exhausted, frustrated and constantly in pain, today is the day you take your pain free life back again.

If you’re suffering from a major pain such as sciatica pain, shoulder impingement pain, lower back pain, sharp knee pains or any type of severe pain, my one on one coaching system for pain will benefit any diagnosis. PAIN is PAIN.

Your pain has taken control of your life!

Before we begin, you and I need to determine which category you fall under:

1.) You’ve consulted with a medical professional, received a diagnosis and maybe received some treatment and were left to do it alone.


2.) You’ve had an injury, maybe have had surgery and given some rehabilitation exercises to do on your own…

In both cases, you’re here because your pain you’ve been on your own with this pain and it’s becoming unbearable…

Now “pain” can mean a lot of things.

“PAIN” is a catch-all term we’re using to describe an experience in your muscles you don’t like.


So let’s get right to the point. Can I help you? YES!

Just ask Kylie (a previous client):

For me, being physically active has always been my meditation and without it I go a little stir crazy. I almost get a nervous tic when I think that I may not be able to go for run, or snowboard, or workout.

I have been training with the Joe for a long time, I can’t even remember exactly how many years…but over those years he has supported me through every injury I’ve endured. From a re-occurring knee injury, to a lower back injury, a neck injury and a shoulder injury he has adapted my training so I can continue and forge ahead without having too much down time. I thank the Joe for it, heck, my family thanks them for it! With the Joe’s knowledge of health and fitness I have been able to get to back to what I love doing in a shorter period of time. Now being over 40 I am stronger, healthier then I was 10 years ago. And of course calmer! ~Kylie

We need to be on the same page.

Before we officially work together, you and I need to be on the same page. For me to provide a proper treatment plan for your specific pain, I will need some more info from you.

And I want to be 100% transparent. I do not want to waste your time or mine if you are not 100% committed to investing the time and money to improve and relieve your pain. My initial 1 on 1 coaching begins at $99. If you have been experiencing muscle pain for awhile, proper guided coaching is the best option for realistic and lasting pain relief. Take back your life.

Now it’s your turn.

You visited this page because of your desperately want pain relief.
And because you have tried everything else and nothing has worked the way you wanted. The proper approach is having the guidance, support, and accountability from an experienced pain relief coach like myself to provide you with the custom and progressive movement pattern routines to relieve and prevent your pain.

Now it’s your time to take action…click below to see my coaching options.

Here are a few other pain free clients…

When I first started training with StayFitAnywhere I was avoiding certain physical activities and exercises due to a painful knee injury. But with great dedication, focus and customized movements and keeping consistent with my weekly online training sessions I quickly began to improve on all my movements. Soon I was amazed at how quickly I could return to taking part in any physical activities I enjoyed, especially golfing (ladies long drive champ 2 years running!)

My training program continues to grow and more challenges are thrown at me as I progress. I recently learned the Turkish Getup and pressed 2 12kg kettlebells over head for 3 reps. I am so proud of my accomplishments and am already preparing to reach new levels of health and fitness, thanks StayFitAnywhere! ~Jen

Awhile ago, I skimmed a book called ‘Younger Next Year’. It convinced me that, as a 44-year-old, I’d better figure out a regular exercise routine that would prevent my body from suffering the rapid drop-off in health that most people experience as they enter their middle-age years. Plus I had minor aches and pains in my neck and back.

I knew I didn’t want to join a gym or do team sports and do further injury to my body, but had no idea what my alternatives were. Then I discovered StayFitAnywhere and getting coaching from Joe online. It took me a while to wrap my head (and schedule) around exercising doesn’t need to be stressful, painful and take up hours of my time. I can actually feel less pain and tension in my upper back, an increase in my energy and see physical body changes with short and consistent customized routines. I knew right then I needed to change my way of thinking about fitness. And to accept my emerging need to consistently and proactively invest in my ongoing fitness to be pain free.

Fortunately, I made the changes necessary. Now I’m consistently experiencing less joint pains, greater core strength, which makes both myself and my chiropractor very happy. Undoubtedly the most significant benefit I continue to experience is the near absence of the neck and back strain I previously lived with due to working on a computer all day. Now I’m sitting straighter for longer, but also getting up every hour for a quick stretch, which keeps me loose.

Like I said, I’m not the gym type. But with my StayFitAnywhere online workouts, my living room is now my gym multiple times a week. Convenient, quiet and welcoming.

Thanks to the Joe for making it all the more attainable. ~Grant

If you’re still hesitant if coaching is for you, I will be happy to send you a detailed overview of how I would help you become pain free. But first, I do need a little info about your existing pain so I can provide you with a proper treatment plan specific to you. And don’t worry, there’s no obligation to buy any coaching. If you decide not to, take my free pain relief outline for you and design your own program around it. So it’s a WIN/WIN for you!

I was hesitant to try anything new, yet a long mobility program. But I felt it was time and I was fed up with back pain, poor posture and no energy. As a former competitive swimmer, it was hard to accept how out of shape I had become and how I couldn’t push through the pain.

The changes have been an eye opener. Movements I once took for granted…as an example, I find it easier to pick myself up off the floor after playing with my nieces and nephews. Other changes have had a bigger impact. A year ago, due to back pain, I had difficulty getting out of bed and taking the first few steps in the morning. Now, I only experience a little discomfort…usually when I haven’t followed through on my mobility routines. One of my goals was to get back into playing squash, without injuring myself. I’m happy to report that I am actively playing and thoroughly enjoying it. I honestly can’t believe it.

I also like Joe’s focus on functional pain free movements and allowing the body to respond properly. My sister-in-law, a physiotherapist, was impressed too with the exercises and mobility program I told her I was doing. I still have goals to meet, however with a 10% reduction in body fat, increased strength and moving without pain, I’m ecstatic with the progress I have achieved so far. ~Joanne

Don’t let Pain Rule your Life. Take Charge Now!