What is the top MUST DO for losing fat when you’ve reached the age of 40?

If your guess is exercise or diet, you’d be wrong. My top MUST DO for fat loss after 40 is SLEEP! Yes, SLEEP!

Why Sleep?

As your body ages, your metabolism slows down. What does this mean? All the processes of metabolism slows down including resting metabolic rate, amount of calories used for digesting and absorbing of food, amount of physical exercise and non-exercise activity thermogenesis.

So, if you’re in your 40’s and you’re still eating like you’re in your 20’s, you will gain body fat. And most importantly, if you are not sleeping well, you’re chances of increasing your body fat becomes even quicker. This is all due to a hormone known as ghrelin.

I go into more detail about the hunger hormone ghrelin and the feeling full hormone leptin in this video. Plus, I share my Top 6 Sleep Tips for Fat Loss.

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I know you love sleep. I love sleep. Who doesn’t love sleep. But your life may be filled with various challenges which keep you from a good nights sleep. I have shared with you my Top 6 Sleep Tips to help with sleeping. I know it will help you increase your chance of sleeping well tonight.

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Your personal coach,

Joe Cheng 


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