Let’s face it. Getting old is awesome! Being over 40 is awesome! But sometimes it’s also challenging. Especially when it comes to our own bodies and staying lean.

Aging isn’t really on our side and everything within your body begins to descend. I like to think of it as an airplane slowly coming in for a landing.

So with that in mind, my goal is to slow this landing as long as I can by being proactive with my fitness.

How do I do that?

I vary my workouts and workout environment. I will show you in this video an all around full body workout all outdoors. I stay consistent to keep the fat off after 40 and continue to focus on my goal of staying lean after 40.

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If you missed my last post on my #1 Must Do for Fat Loss Over 40, I share 6 vital tips. I know it will be beneficial to you.

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Joe Cheng 

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