Daily mobility exercises will help to improve and reduce upper body muscle and joint pains. In this video, you will discover mobility exercises to help with shoulder, thoracic and neck mobility and improve pain.

These simple exercises will help to improve your range of motion and help you get back some of your natural movements. Using simple movements is ideal for beginners or anyone with muscle pains, will help prevent further inflammation and joint pains if done properly. If you are experiencing major discomfort and pain, you should seek medical attention and see a medical professional. Then come back use these exercises to help maintain and strengthen your muscles and joints. These exercises do not cure muscle or joint pain.

It is a way to help increase your mobility around the shoulder, upper back and neck and strengthen the muscles around the surrounding area and hopefully lessen the discomfort. A regular mobility routine is essential to your body moving better and you feeling pain free. Here is your Shoulder mobility cheat sheet, http://stayfitanywhere.com/move-better-shoulder-mobility/

Living with pain shouldn’t be an option, I’m here to help you and give you tools to move freely, feel amazing and live your best life.

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