It’s all about reducing pain in your hip today. In this video I share hip opener mobility exercises to gradually loosen your hips, improve range of motion and help relieve any hip joint discomfort.Your hip is the central part of your body and when it doesn’t move well, a lot of pain originates from this location.

Focusing on short simple movements you can do easily at home will prevent aggravation and further inflammation in your around your hip. These exercises do not cure muscle or joint pain. It is a way to help increase mobility and flexibility for the hip and strengthen the muscles around the surrounding area and hopefully lessen the aches and pains. If you have sciatica nerve or piriformis pains, this may help improve it but if you are experiencing major discomfort and pain, you should seek medical attention and see a medical professional. Then come back to these exercises to improve on your hip mobility.

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Living with pain shouldn’t be an option, I’m here to help you and give you tools to move freely, feel amazing and live your best life.

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