Okay, let me make an assumption. And you might’ve heard the old saying, “When you assume…”

I know I can’t be the only one who dreads carving out extra time to exercise when I’m overly tired, stressed and have, what seems like millions of things to complete before dinner.

Coaching people as long as I have, the top 2 reasons I often hear as to why people don’t workout are 1, motivation and 2, commitment.

In today’s video, I tackle these two vital components to be successful in not only your fitness goals but your every day life goals. You’ll discover how to “dig deep” and find your driving force and stay motivated and committed to your exercise plan.

If you’re struggling to stay focused with getting healthier or even trying to get started to get fit, then this is definitely the video for you to 👀 watch. I’m anxious to see how this will resonate with you.

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