As we age and get into our 40’s, decades of bad and poor posture from sitting at desks in school to office work and now constantly on our smart phones, have limited your mobility and movements.

When we sit too long in front of screens, your shoulder rounds inwards and your head falls forward. For each degree of forward head posture, it’s approx 14lbs of pressure on your neck. That’s like walking around with a 14lbs dumbbell on your neck all day.

I will be sharing my self care exercises to improve rounded shoulders, low back pain prevention and overall improvement on bad posture after 40. These bad posture correcting exercises can be performed daily and with minimal equipment. I will be using a roller and a tennis ball to do some of these posture correction exercises.

Here is my suggestion for self care myofascial rollers:
Beginner Roller –
Advance Roller –

This video will show exercises to fix and correct bad posture and improve rounded shoulders and low back pain.

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Follow along with these mobility exercises to correct and improve your overall posture.

It’s frustrating when your body has gone through years of immobility and now you feel limited by your movements. And worse pain in places where you haven’t before. I can help. Fill in your online consult and I will get back to you asap!

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Stay fit and healthy anywhere,

Joe Cheng
Online Fitness and Wellness Coach

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