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The warmer weather will definitely help your muscles loosen up. But as you are well aware, warm weather eventually turns to colder weather…but let’s not think about that just yet.

If you love working out, golfing, walking, dancing or simply trying to keep up with your kids, grand kids, you’ll want to watch my latest Youtube video. Today, I wanted to share with you a simple full body mobility routine you can do right now in your home, office, or wherever you are reading this email. In this new video, Full Body Mobility Routine, you can use one, two or all the exercises to really help improve your mobility in minutes.

This full body mobility routine is a great way for beginners, or anyone for that matter, to loosen up your body. These mobility exercises will help release muscle tension, pain relief and range of motion. All the wear and tear your body goes through, you need to continuously look after your body and perform daily self care routines.

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