Are you missing your massage therapist because they’re temporarily closed? Then you gotta watch 👀 my review on this percussion massage gun, the Recoverfun.

If you’ve been watching my Youtube videos this month, it’s all about self-care and taking care your body so you can move smoothly without nagging aches. I recently decided to add to my self-care tool kit. Along with my foam roller, lacrosse ball, peanut made of tennis balls and a golf ball, I invested in a percusson massage gun called the Recoverfun.

Percussion massage guns have been around for a number of years and they help improve blood flow, breaking down scar tissue, release muscle tension and helping with mobility. Everything a massage therapist would do but now you have a tool which you can use when you can’t see your RMT.

So I took the time to research (so you don’t have to 😀) and found a really budget friendly massage gun which packs decent power, quiet enough you can still watch Netflix and holds a charge to actually finish multiple sessions of treatment. You can also get an addition $5 off using this code: C5JOE

It may not be for everyone but if you’re still living with painful muscle knots and limited mobility, this may be a helpful tool for you.

Anyone using a percussion massage gun or ever try one?

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