When you’re overwhelmed with work deadlines, family commitments, business travels and everything else you’re responsible for, trying to find perfect exercises for your fitness goal becomes exhausting. So I’m going to show you a way to stay consistent and keep fat loss happening with one of my favourite combo exercises, the Plank Row Knee Drive. I will teach you how to put it together and you can use this same technique for your own exercises to help accelerate your fat loss and gain lean muscle.

No Perfect Exercise

No one perfect exercise exist but there are exercises which will help target range of areas to reach your desired goal quicker. You can view some of these exercises on my StayFitAnywhere YouTube channel.

Here is a video for the plank row knee drive exercise.

Finding the most relevant exercises for you is always goal dependant. A working dad chained to his computer, wanting to lose the gut hanging over his belt buckle is going to look for fat loss exercises. A working mom, wanting toned arms but afraid of weights will be looking for calisthenic exercises. The most efficient exercises are what I call, combo compressed exercises. They typically include multi-joint and multi-directional movements. And I’m going to give you your very own Combo Exercise Mix and Match Cheat Sheet. You can download it FREE by clicking here.

What are combo compressed exercises? These are combination of 2 or more exercises which involve moving more than one body part at a time for maximum efficiency. It’s not an isolation body building exercise. You may be familiar with the bicep curl. Most men and women love doing bicep curls. Men want bigger biceps and women want toned arms. The movement is the same but most people will only stand or sit and curl their arms up and down. This is what is classified as a single jointed exercise. It’s a terrific exercise to build strength and if you have all the time in the world.

But for you, who’s busy and struggling to fit in a good workout, combo compressed exercises will focus on multiple body parts and get your workout done in a fraction of the time. Plus you’ll get your results your deserve quicker since you didn’t skip a workout. And now you can spend the time enjoying the things you want without neglecting YOU!

Here is one of my favourite combination exercises to increase heart rate to burn more calories and to firm up my legs, chest, arms and back, the plank knee drive.

Outdoor exercises doing a plank alternating rows with dumbbells
Outdoor exercises doing a plank with alternative knee drive

When you’re adding additional movements into an exercise, you will burn more calories and stress muscles quicker. This will help you target areas for lean muscle growth and utilization of fat. Try this technique of effective, efficient exercises and let me know how it’s working for you.

For more videos, check out my StayFitAnywhere YouTube channel. And don’t forget to download your Free Combination Exercises Mix & Match Cheat Sheet.

Joe Cheng – Personal Online Wellness Coach