Don’t you love the hint of autumn in the air? I sure do! It’s a new month and it happens to be September. This time of year always feels like it’s a restart to the year again. The craziness of summer activities ends with the kids going back to school. I’m filled with a renewed energy to stay consistent with my own fitness training and push further ahead with my online fitness business. But I also know with renewed optimism it means becoming a bit busier. And if life isn’t already busy enough I’m having another little one on the way in a couple of months. I want to stay strong and limber for my family. So balancing all the responsibilities of being a husband, dad and entrepreneur is quite the challenge.

As the weather becomes cooler, I love training outdoors even more. Get me out of the humid hot summer and into the cool crisp fall chill. Here is a quick bite-sized push pull upperbody strength workout. It’s a full bodyweight routine using gravity and angles.

This push pull upperbody strength workout consists of 4 different exercises. I managed to find a hip height chin-up bar and used it in this routine. But you can perform the exercises with a height which works for you. Make sure it’s secured! This is my bite-sized workout program:

  1. Elevated Push-up – 60 seconds
  2. Elevated Push-Up with Alternating Knee Drive – 60 seconds
  3. Reverse Pull-Up – 60 seconds
  4. Reverse Pull-Up with Leg Lift – 30 seconds each leg

I managed to do 2 sets with one minute rest between sets. This entire routine took 10 minutes. My arms, back, and core were on fire. You can really feel the burn. Best of all, I didn’t have to make my way to gym or try to fit in an hour workout to feel like I accomplished something. Try it out for yourself, I guarantee you’ll get your heart rate elevated while feeling the burn.

I will be posting regular bite-sized target routines on my youtube channel. So make sure to subscribe and click on the bell notification to you never miss new updated routines to transform your dad bod.

Joe Cheng – Personal Online Wellness Coach

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