Do you routinely experience the mid afternoon yawns?

Does the time slow down to a snails pace as you count the minutes until the end of your work day? If you’re nodding yes, then this is definitely for you.
You may or may not know this, but I too used to be one of you, a cubicle sitter and dreading the mid afternoon lull. My day would consist of waking up, driving to work, grabbing a coffee and plopping my butt down in a saggy chair in front of a computer screen (it’s probably a similar position you’re in right now). Then the rest of my day would consist of getting up a couple of times for boring meetings and maybe lunch. A lot of times lunch wasn’t even on my radar, and then the dreaded 3pm nap time bug would slowly creep in. The last two hours of work just dragged and dragged. I know what you’re feeling, I’ve was there for almost a decade.

Ok, get ready; here is a 30 second routine you can do right now to give you a quick jolt of energy and wake you up:

  1. Pretend you have an orange in both your hands and squeeze as hard as you can to make orange juice.
  2. Breathe out while squeezing your hands until all the air is gone, relax the hands and take a long deep breath in through the nose.
  3. Repeat this 6 times and stand up.

In less than one minute, you have done something for yourself to change your mood. This is a simple routine to try right now and pass it on to someone who needs an energy boost!

If you’re looking to increase your daily energy, I can help with a customized routine designed specifically for you. Fill in this online consultation and I will get back to you quickly.

Joe Cheng – Personal Online Wellness Coach

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