Do you ever get that annoying itch in the middle of your back? You reach over your shoulder from the top but it’s just below your finger tip. You wrap your arm around your back and extend up only to fail again. If that’s you, I’m there with with ya!

Shoulder immobility is a thing. From my earlier years of playing multiple sports and then being sedentary in front of a computer to now, holding these tiny addictive things we call smartphones. Then you add in a newborn where you’re constantly adjusting, rocking and squirming every which way to make this precious human comfortable.

Wall Flattener Exercises


I know how you’re feeling. It sucks when you attempt to reach for something high up and your arm feels like it’s stuck at 80% of full extension. Or you’re sitting in your car and reach into the back seat to grab your jacket but only receive a pinching pain in your shoulder deltoid.

Fortunately if it doesn’t prevent you from your daily functions, then these following shoulder mobility exercises may help improve your movement and lessen the pain. If you have been experiencing pain for awhile or performing any of these exercises causes additional discomfort, I recommend stopping and seeing a medical professional for further diagnosis.

Now that you’re ready.

The following are 3 exercises I recommend doing daily for your shoulder mobility routine.

  1. Arm Circles – 60 seconds in each direction
  2. Wall Flattener – 60 seconds
  3. Wall Windmills – 30 seconds in each direction. Perform on both arms.
Wall Circles
Wall Windmill

I have a video demonstration for these exercises you can view below.

As a middle aged father of soon to be two. I understand lack of energy and time devoted to keep ourselves in tip top shape. I settled for below par shape for a period of time and this only added to my body breaking down a bit quicker than I anticipated. I know how important it is to keep myself functioning above satisfactory. Because if I’m above satisfactory, then I give myself the better chance to be around helping my family for a long long time.

Let’s get your body above average so you’re able to bounce around with your kids and play. I will hold you accountable so you won’t fail. I’ll develop a program tailored around your schedule and your lifestyle. Here’s my one on one online coaching form. Fill it out and I’ll get you going today!

Joe Cheng – Personal Online Wellness Coach

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