Looking at my daily schedule gives me a headache. When I’m struggling to squeeze in time to make breakfast, run my daughter to the bus stop, wash the dishes, write this blog post, get groceries, clean my fish tank, pick up my daughter from the bus stop, filming for future videos, prepare dinner for the family, the day can be packed. As you can see, there wasn’t any mention of eating or exercising yet. So sometimes, a lot of times actually, these are the main two daily necessities which are thrown to the side because everything else seems like a higher priority.

Am I really that busy?

I know I tend to over exaggerate my busyness. I have come to realize it’s more of an excuse. I’ve been trained my mind to believe in that what’s not really real is real. My way of breaking out of this cycle and is to ask myself, “Do I have 10 minutes out of the 1440 minutes(24 hours) in the day to fit in a quick workout?” And it includes eating but that will be in a future post.

Today, I am going to show you how I put together a home bite-sized high intensity interval training stair circuit. This will drive my heart rate up to cardio vascular improvement, increase power with a few explosive movements and continue to help with prevention of pain and aches in my joints. Follow along in this video and try it for yourself and see what 10 minutes or less can achieve. I can guarantee you’ll work up a sweat!

How was this routine? Comment below. I totally understand trying to fit in one more thing during an already jam packed day isn’t appealing. But trust me when I tell you it’ll actually help break up your day and even make it more productive.

If you’re still stressing to yourself, “But now I have to find a routine which works for me. I have knee pains and my back is sore. So it’s not easy to exercise.”

Let me say this to you, “I will do ALL the thinking for you.”

I have coached hundreds of busy people with all various limitations for close to 20 years. I will guide you with your custom exercise program catered to your specific body and your specific goals. You’re worth being strong and pain free for your family. Plus a great side effect of exercising consistently is always looking and feeling fantastic! So don’t keep putting off what you know you need today. Hit me up and complete this one on one online coaching form. I’ll be ready to get you going!

Your personal coach,

Joe Cheng

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