Staying lean after 40 isn’t impossible. Yes, your body slows down but having the right workout plans and eating habits in place, you can achieve results like you were in your 20’s.

This upper body strength routine to stay lean after 40 is all done with a kettlebell. This workout includes exercises for the shoulders, biceps, triceps and core. I threw in one lower body isometric exercise just for you. You can interchange the kettlebell with dumbbells for this upper body strength workout.

I also share my suggestion with you on how to figure out your right starting weight for exercises. You can view all the exercises in my video. And I also have a few suggestions for beginner starter equipment below.

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Having portable pieces of equipment for your home workouts is beneficial. Home workout equipment which include dumbbells, kettlebells or resistance bands are compact and can be placed away when not in use. I have a couple of links to great beginner equipment for kettlebells or resistance bands.

I found this to be a great price for the quality of a set of 4 resistance bands, . This is a decent starter set of kettlebells for beginners,

Consistent strength training will keep the flab away and have your upper body looking lean and strong after 40.

If you missed my post on the #1 Must Do for Fat Loss Over 40, I share 6 vital tips. I know it will be beneficial to you to staying fit anywhere.

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