Staying Fit Anywhere

It has been an awesome busy week and I have had a great time training clients, athletes and myself!  All of the training took place at a number of different locations throughout the lower mainland and following are the locations and a little information about what happened at each spot. ·         King Ed Village – In an apartment buildings gym I took my client and her 1 year old daughter through a workout ·         Kitsilano Beach Basketball Courts – Trained Rob D in preparation for the Half Ironman Triathlon in Cancun, as well as a quick 30minute butt kicking, and a partner Kettlebell session ·         Target Fitness – Trained lots of clients 1 on 1 and partner sessions... and had a wicked pushup/pullup/skipping workout myself ·         Granville Island Apartment – Trained a couple in their Racquetball court (Agility Ladder and...

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Fun in the Sun!

Wow, this must be a record, another day of sun.  Yes, I'm being sarcastic but after all that snow and fog, it's great to have a nice stretch of sunny days.  It gives me that lift to go outside and even run with my dog.  Running is not my favourite activity, probably not even in my top 50.  But it changes up a dull routine when you haven't done it in awhile.  Plus we have the Vancouver Sun Run coming up and I want to be in somewhat, decent shape, to last through it.  Training outdoors around Vancouver is a treat.  I love going through the trails in Stanley park and just breathing in the fresh pine air.  And the dog enjoys sniffing all the new smells in the forest.  If you haven't run, jogged, walked or biked through or...

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17 Days till Christmas!

Well, it's almost mid December.  Wow the year has gone fast.  Today seems like a greyish gloomy day in Vancouver.  For all those that don't live here, we do have something called sunny days.  Plus rain in the winter means snow on the mountains!! I did manage to be realitively active in the morning.  A quick upper body weight routine and a jog with the dog down to the the beach and back.  So every little active thing I do, I feel it as an accomplishment.  We're all busy but a little goes a long way.  Just think of all the extra treats and holiday parties coming up.  No need to feel guilty if you can manage do something extra.  Even walking a couple flights of stairs instead of taking that elevator will burn an extra 50 calories.  That's about 1/8th...

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