Well, it’s almost mid December.  Wow the year has gone fast.  Today seems like a greyish gloomy day in Vancouver.  For all those that don’t live here, we do have something called sunny days.  Plus rain in the winter means snow on the mountains!!

I did manage to be realitively active in the morning.  A quick upper body weight routine and a jog with the dog down to the the beach and back.  So every little active thing I do, I feel it as an accomplishment.  We’re all busy but a little goes a long way.  Just think of all the extra treats and holiday parties coming up.  No need to feel guilty if you can manage do something extra.  Even walking a couple flights of stairs instead of taking that elevator will burn an extra 50 calories.  That’s about 1/8th of the way to burn off that brownie you had for a snack.

Just remember to enjoy the holidays.  My motto is everything in moderation.  You still have to live a little but make sure you do those extra movements that only take about a few minutes out of your day.