Wow, this must be a record, another day of sun.  Yes, I’m being sarcastic but after all that snow and fog, it’s great to have a nice stretch of sunny days.  It gives me that lift to go outside and even run with my dog.  Running is not my favourite activity, probably not even in my top 50.  But it changes up a dull routine when you haven’t done it in awhile.  Plus we have the Vancouver Sun Run coming up and I want to be in somewhat, decent shape, to last through it.  Training outdoors around Vancouver is a treat.  I love going through the trails in Stanley park and just breathing in the fresh pine air.  And the dog enjoys sniffing all the new smells in the forest.  If you haven’t run, jogged, walked or biked through or around Stanley Park in awhile, take advantage of the sun and enjoy what’s in your own backyard.  Training outdoors in Vancouver is great and there’s always the great view that I truly cherish when I’m out at the seawall.  Make it a point to get outside and see that sun, even if it’s only for a brief moment.  It’ll brighten up your day, at least it does mine.