Let me start off by mentioning the “Traditional” Workout is fantastic. There is nothing wrong with the concept of a traditional workout. I classify traditional workouts as any type of workout where you schedule extra time on multiple days and fit in exercises to get a result. This can be a crossfit workout, a yoga session, a cardio workout or like my buddy Scott’s, Jacked Over 40 body building gym type workout. And many others can fit into this classification and if you’re in one of these, stick with it. It’s awesome!

Now for the untraditional workout, the UnWorkout. I classify UnWorkouts as movements without a structured routine. There is no rigid schedule to follow, no appointment time to keep, no extra time needed for exercise to lose some body fat. Activities like playing with your kid at the park, picking up leaves in your yard, washing your vehicle, vacuuming the carpet, marching as you wait for coffee to brew, these are part of the UnWorkouts. This type of movement is also backed by science, Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis and is results driven.

Lift and twist. A leg and core exercise while gardening.

You may think this is unfocused, doesn’t make any sense and it won’t produce real results. You are probably also in some sort of scheduled activity where you’re making extra time for exercises. It’s what works for you and keep up with it. The UnWorkout isn’t probably for you. But I’m talking to a past unmotivated ME, a current unmotivated YOU. A remote control button pusher, an exhausted parent, someone who desperately would like to be with peers in the traditional workout tribe. Or at least have the toned, sculpted shape of someone in that group.

The UnWorkout is the excuse breaker. It’s your spark to finally do something. And why will this finally change your habit of laziness and procrastination? Because you are not going to make more time for it. You will be doing movements you already do at times which work for you. You won’t be making extra time to workout. You don’t have to figure out how to perform certain exercises. You will be unconciously creating a new active lifestyle blueprint for movements. And I have it all for you for FREE.

Your FREE copy of the UnWorkout Method

You will discover the simplest ways to burn more calories without making more time to do it. You will find a perfect system which works for your schedule without stressing about not hitting the gym. If I can guarantee you will feel better, look better, be stronger than you have in the last year, isn’t it worth it to you to give yourself a chance. It’s a failure proof way of transforming your body and habits. Best of all, it’s FREE. This is the kickstart to train your mind and body differently.

If in the future you want to do to more a traditional workout, then you will be ready. The foundation from the UnWorkout for Beginners will set you up to hit the gym, attempt crossfit classes and challenge your body through Tough Mudder. But give yourself the chance to get there.

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Joe Cheng – Personal Online Wellness Coach

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