Brain-PowerA daily ritual of mine is to peruse new articles and find ones with interesting headings. This one from the Vancouver Sun today caught my attention, Physically active boys tend to be smarter: Study. It was a study on how activity levels can increase congnitive function and development. Although, they were clear to say, they weren’t sure if the smarter boys were just more active or if the fitness activites made them smarter. But it was concluded that cardiovascular exercises do improve cognitive function and development. We’ve even proven it to ourselves, when we manage to tear ourselves away from our work for even 5mins, walk around the office, take deep breaths, it helps refocus and energize us for the next task. Plus, with some of us being in Vancouver, it’s simple for us to take a step outdoors and look at the mountains and ocean which we sometimes take for granted. You don’t need to be personal training, but take a few minutes out of your hectic work day and enjoy what’s around you. If it helps younger kids with clear thinking, don’t you think it’s worth a try?
Here is the full article in the Vancouver Sun

~joe cheng
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