The age old debate of which is better for weight loss, cardio or weights continues on. But I’m here to answer to which one is scientifically better and I brake it down for you in this video.

Cardio vs. weights for weight loss is always one of the most popular questions I get asked. With most leaning towards cardio as being the best way to burn fat fast. In a way, this is correct but it’s not as simple as it seems. Both cardio and weights have it’s benefits and in this video I break down the benefits of both and which one excels long term.

As a busy dad, time isn’t always readily available for long workouts. In this video you will discover information which will help you decide which is right for your lifestyle. But as you will see in this video, why weights is my overall winner.

I’m not saying cardio isn’t good at burning fat because it is. But weight resistance training goes further in terms of fat burning fat. Plus you will discover many other benefits with weight training.

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