Healthy Snack Options for an On-the-Go Lifestyle

With the on-the-go lifestyle that so many of us live today, we barely have time to cross everything off of our to-do list. It’s no wonder that so many of us opt to hire people to perform services like dog walking, cleaning and even driving. Unfortunately, one important task we can’t delegate is eating a healthy diet.

But that doesn’t mean eating nutritiously can’t be done if you’re constantly crunched for time! There are plenty of snacks that are as healthy as they are convenient. Here are some of our favourites that will keep your healthy lifestyle on track.

1)  Banana, almond and kale smoothie

In a blender, add 1 medium banana, 1 cup of chopped kale, and 1 cup of almond milk until smooth. Drink up, and feel the health flow!

2)  Rice cakes with peanut butter, coconut, and raisins or dried cherries

For a dessert or a snack, spread 1 rice cake with 1 tablespoon of creamy peanut butter. Sprinkle on 2 teaspoons of toasted unsweetened shredded coconut and 2 teaspoons dried cherries. This is delicious!

3)  Cherry tomatoes with goat cheese

Dividing evenly, top 5 halved large cherry tomatoes with 2 tablespoons of fresh goat cheese. Sprinkle 2 teaspoons of chopped herbs (such as chives, basil, or parsley) on top. It is like a cocktail party all the time with these delicious treats!

4)  Greek yogurt and granola (add a few berries for a fresh kick!)

Top ½ cup of greek yogurt with some granola or fresh berries to create a yummy snack that also curbs sweet cravings!

5)  Sweet potato fries with chipotle yogurt dip

For this delicious and guilt-free dip, cook 14 frozen sweet potato fries. Mix together 2 tablespoons of plain low-fat yogurt and ½ teaspoon of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, and serve for dipping.

6)  Healthy trail mix

Mixed nuts provide an easy way to get a delicious dose of protein in a convenient, shelf-stable package. Add them in with dried berries and a few chocolate chips. It is your own trail mix on the go! Opt for almonds and pistachios, because they are higher in protein than other nuts.

7)  Deli roll-up

Pick a lean meat (like turkey breast) and a low-fat cheese, and roll them together. It’s that easy! If this is a bit too drab, add a dash of spicy mustard to add a kick!

8)  Portable cheese platter

Who doesn’t love a cheese platter? Put together your own mini healthy cheese platter with small slices of cheese or cheese sticks, a sampling of your favorite fruit, and some low-carb, whole grain crackers. We love adding grapes!

9)  Protein bites

For a quick treat that curbs you sweet tooth, whip up a few tasty protein bites! Nut butter acts as a binder and serves as a source of protein in this recipe, while oats and dark chocolate chips give it its cookie-like quality while adding both fiber and antioxidants. Simply mix 1 ½  tablespoons of nut butter, 3 tablespoons of oats, ½  tablespoon of honey, and ½  tablespoon dark chocolate chips, then roll the mixture into balls.

If you find yourself not having time to prepare your meals and running to the vending machine more than you should, these quick, healthy snack options are for you! Remember, it’s also important to exercise on a regular basis in order to reach your long-term health goals. If you are too busy to hit the gym, grab your dog and go for a walk around the neighbourhood. This will not only help you get fresh air and exercise, but it’s great for your dog, too!

These tips and tricks will help any busy person stick to their health goals. If you try one of these healthy snacks and love it, add different ingredients to it to keep the snack fun and new. We hope that you enjoy these yummy healthy snack options!

Joe Cheng – Personal Online Wellness Coach

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