Wow, this has definitely been awhile. Hello blogging world… again.  When you lose focus and let things slide, no progress is made. What am I talking about?
No, not regular exercising but generating enough motivation to continue to challenge yourself.
It’s been over a couple of years that I have really put in time and energy into my health and fitness business. And it has suffered and struggled to become successful again.
This also parallels my own personal health and physical activities. I would have moments of inspiration and tell myself, “This is the week I get out of this funk and become productive! I am going to do my daily exercise routine, go for my daily walk and stop binge watching cooking shows!”

Does this sound eerily familiar?

A year later, I’m finally going to complete this blog post, (which I started back in April of 2015) begin a regular exercise routine and become productive… at least that’s what I’m telling myself. This reminds me of a very entertaining TED talk sent to me by a client. If you want another excuse to delay your responsibilities, check out, Master Procrastinator by Tim Urban.

The simple advice of start somewhere, a little bit at a time, really does work. I absolutely know it worked and is working for me. There are days that I will attempt to continue and end up lounging around but I ask myself, “What are two minutes out of my 24 hour day?”. Then there is still a little resistance but I eventually ask myself what’s wrong with me and realize how silly it is that these 2 minutes are such a hurdle… and I just to do it!

So here it is, a fully completed blog to motivate myself to continue sharing ideas, opinions and information to anyone who may get something out of it.

I have worked hard on updating this StayFitAnywhere website. I have spent time on discovering other areas where I can provide a complete and full wellness approach. My goal is to ensure you, my clients and readers achieve a healthier life. I have been creating videos for my upcoming youtube channel, and have been contributing consistently on my social media channels instagram, twitter and facebook… check them out.

Now, time for a nap.

My words of wisdom: “Tell yourself you have two minutes! Do whatever you’ve been pushing off for only two minutes. Start it now!”

Joe Cheng – Personal Online Wellness Coach

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