No gym, no problem? You can replicate your gym machine exercises at home without the bulky equipment. This resistance band back exercise home workout will show you a few different exercises you can easily do anywhere. All you need is a resistance band of a challenging strength for you.

In t his video, you will find back exercises to target your entire back and improve your strength. Take the time to go through each movement slowly to recruit all your back muscles. Even though resistance bands may not equal to pumping iron it has advantages where lifting weight doesn’t. It allows for a different range of instability which helps to improve muscle mind connections.

I found a set of 4 affordable bands on Amazon which would do the trick.

As a busy parent you probably don’t get to the gym as often as you’d like. This is a great way for you to do a quick home workout and experience a different progression of strength using resistance bands. And you will continue to lean out your body and set yourself up for your desired physique. I go through 4 different resistance band back exercises which in a gym would be done with a few different machines or a cable machine.

This home workout with resistance bands will definitely save you time and you will achieve your gains. So don’t discount home workouts. Give it a try!

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Joe Cheng
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