We had some amazing sunshine this past week.  It was awesome to see the warm weather finally arrive.  So I took full advantage of it.  I manage to take a few breaks throughout the day in between slaving away at the computer working on our website.

 I broke out the rusty iron weighted golf clubs for the first time this year.  I headed to the UBC driving range and pulled out the 5 iron and took my first swing.  I was hoping for a solid “whap” of the ball and a straight direct line to the 200 yard marker…but instead, I had a “whiff” and a “plop” and watched it slowly roll off the tee and off the mat onto the ground below.  That was definitely not a good start but that was ok, it was only the first time this year and I was out enjoying the sunshine.

After enjoying some flogging of golf balls, I managed to strap on my relatively new blades and decided to attempt to blade around the seawall.  I would rank myself as an ok blader, not overly confident but not one that stumbles too badly either.   I managed to get a few strides in but found it extremely difficult to generate any power and speed.  I guess the unused glutes and hamstring muscles in the last few weeks have taken its toll.  Or it could just be the new blades with dud wheels.  I’ll chalk it up to dud wheels. 

I know we all get busy, and I know for myself I lose track of time during busy days when we all have things we need to get done.  Finding time to fit in some exercise goes a long way as now I feel sore in some areas but it’s a missed soreness.  Time for me to get back on track!


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