I attended the Better Living Expo this past weekend at the new convention center.  I’ve never been to one so really didn’t know what to expect.  There were tons of vendors and it included everything from oragnic clothing to orgranic pet snacks to organice alcoholic beverages. Or course, I stayed away from the latter… 🙂

As I was wandering around, I was amazed on how sustainable living has exploded.  Everything was about reducing waste, eating less engineered food, protecting our enviroment and healthy living.  As I started chatting with other vendors about their service and products they started to ask what I did.  So I explained to them the Stayfitanywhere vision.  About creating fitness solutions and using online training technologies to keep our own bodies sustainable.  It was about using less but making a huge impact in our quality of life.  It got me thinking about providing a booth next year at the expo to show case how we would develop solutions that are enviromentally friendly, cost effective and create the most impact on improving our lifestyles.  The vendors that I talked to were really receptive to the idea about online training as they do embrace technology and health.  The more we utilize this concept, I believe, the more effective we can spread the information.  The main thing I got out of the whole event was, to make a change, it doesn’t have to be drastic.  It’s as easy as deciding on a bag of chips or an apple for a snack, to sitting on the couch through commercials or doing 10 push ups while you wait.  The choice is up to us to stay fit anywhere.


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