Staying Fit Anywhere

It has been an awesome busy week and I have had a great time training clients, athletes and myself!  All of the training took place at a number of different locations throughout the lower mainland and following are the locations and a little information about what happened at each spot. ·         King Ed Village – In an apartment buildings gym I took my client and her 1 year old daughter through a workout ·         Kitsilano Beach Basketball Courts – Trained Rob D in preparation for the Half Ironman Triathlon in Cancun, as well as a quick 30minute butt kicking, and a partner Kettlebell session ·         Target Fitness – Trained lots of clients 1 on 1 and partner sessions... and had a wicked pushup/pullup/skipping workout myself ·         Granville Island Apartment – Trained a couple in their Racquetball court (Agility Ladder and...

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Working out isn’t just working out.

It's march already!!  A quarter of the year is almost done.  And within this last quarter I have been training a client of mine in his mid 50's for proper body movements, balance and strength and training his body parts to work in tandem.  Like how our bodies are suppose to work, together as one unit.   This also helped him relieve pain in his lower back and neck and improved his overall posture.  So after progressing through hours of footwork, reaction time, coordination, linked muscles systems, and improved cardio endurance, we had our first match of racquetball.  I myself, as Josh noted in his blogs, am not the most experienced of players, although, I'm sure a few more times at the court and who knows...although, I only play to about 80% of my potential... My client and I had a fantastic time.  He had...

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