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A simple test to track your shoulder pain progress:

Here is a common test for Shoulder mobility (internal/external rotation):

  • Sit on a chair with your back straight, core tight and shoulders pulled down and back. Without moving your torso, place the palm of your right hand on the back of your neck. Then place the backside of your left hand on your lower back. Without arching your back, try to slide your hands so they’re as close as possible. Your hands should ideally be about a fist’s width apart. Repeat on both sides. If your hands are further than a fist’s width apart, your shoulder mobility is compromised and needs to be addressed to prevent further compensation and onset of pain.

How can you improve your shoulder pain and movements?

The shoulder a unique joint which is a complex system of muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and nerves which must all be firing and systematically working together to stay flexible, stable, strong, and pain-free. Restoring shoulder mobility begins in several areas, the shoulder, mid back and shoulder blade. More specifically, the shoulder joint, thoracic spine and scapula.

If you experienced pain or limited motion with this test, I encourage you to download this FREE Shoulder Mobility Cheat Sheet . And add additional mobility, strength exercises and stretches you can perform daily to begin improve and reducing shoulder pains.

If you have specific questions regarding your shoulder mobility or other any health and fitness questions, please complete my “Tell me more about your pain” form and I will be able to give you guidance towards your specific pain. I provide you with which treatment approach is best for you.

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