What you can Realistically Expect in 14 Days?

✅️ Mobility exercises to stimulate nervous system for improve muscle compensations
✅️ Create confidence in movements to allow for muscle tension release, relieving pain symptoms
✅️ Improve range of movements for better flow and less movement restrictions
✅️ Increase of energy, strength and body awareness

📌 Your 14 Day Move Better Program will begin with you receiving an email from me daily. Each email will be short and include a link to the video of an exercise to help you improve the mobility of that specific area of your body. I will have the reps, duration and coaching tips which will be beneficial to you. If you can spare 3 minutes a day in your busy schedule, this can be transformational.

The cost is optional.

However if you would like to support me you can Buy me a coffee :)Buy me a coffee 🙂

But I want to re-iterate you also don’t need to spend anything to join.

The purpose of this program is to designed to help you begin moving better, moving pain free and feeling amazing. And more importantly create sustainable daily exercise habits.

If you’ve been hesitating to get healthy, get fit, lose fat etc, because you’re simply too busy, don’t want to move your achy body and frankly just not motivated to spend an hour hitting the gym. I know from my own personal experience of how difficult it can be to muster the motivation and energy after a long work day and then still needing to keep up with two little kids.

So instead of doing one long strenuous workout, I want to start you off with one simple daily goal you can do each morning so you can successfully check that off the list. This will have a snowball affect and you will be well on your way to reaching your desired fitness goal at the end of the 14 days. That’s it.

1️⃣ Move better to increase your workout results.
2️⃣ Move better to decrease muscle pains.
3️⃣ Move better to improve work tasks.
4️⃣ Move better to reduce stress, tension and muscle compensations.

Here’s What to Do Next:

Step 1: Sign up for the Move Better in 14 Days Program.

Step 2: Read the quick note I’ll send via email with details on the next steps.

Step 3: Get excited to finally move better, feel good that you finally did something and begin your active lifestyle transformation!