Your hip is the central part of your body which allows for multidirectional bending and twisting but is more stable than mobile.

Therefore your hip is more prone to fracture than dislocation and is a common health problem associated with aging.

Restoring hip mobility will help to relieve pain and improve movement in several areas. Better hip mobility can also reduce or eliminate lower back, sciatica and knee pains stemming from overcompensation. It can improve your strength output by allowing you to fully engage your posterior chain (all the muscles on your back side) in training exercises, while making them safer.

Let’s get your HIP moving better today.

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Let’s start off by performing a self hip mobility test. This is a self test I share with my one on one coaching clients. This will give you a starting point of how to proceed with your hip mobility results.

Test Your Hip Mobility:

Here is 1 simple self test for your hip mobility.

  • Begin by sitting up nice and tall, cross one your right ankle over the left knee. For a visual (look at the photo above), imagine gently pulling your right knee towards your left shoulder. What you’re feeling for is stiffness or pain in your hip, glute, hamstring all along the movement. You can score your result out of 3 by how close you can bring your leg to your chest.
  • A score of 3 would be your leg is touching or fairly close to your chest. A score of 2 would be would be halfway to the chest and a 1 is below the half way point.
  • Now switch sides and try the same thing.
  • Can you get your near close to your chest? If not, you likely have limited mobility in your hip and possibly weakness in your muscles around your hip.
  • Download your free hip mobility exercise cheat sheet to begin improving your hip mobility now

Coaching tip: Do the test and hold it for 60 seconds to initiate a hip stretch. After 60 seconds you may begin to feel some initial relief. If you experienced pain, stop the movement and consult your physician. You may need more personal guidance for proper treatment.

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