Relieve back, neck and shoulder pains.


Do you have lower back pain when bending over?

Do your have sharp pains in your shoulders when lifting your arms overhead?

Do you feel pain every time your turn your head?

If you answered yes to any of these, this is an indication you may have poor mobility directly contributing to your pain.

Imagine reaching overhead without shoulder pain. Imagine lifting your kids/grandkids without back pain. Imagine no more neck tension headaches. This is all possible.

Relieve back, neck and shoulder pains.

Included in this pain relief program:

  • Shoulder/Thoracic test to track progression
  • Mobility Exercises to target back, neck and shoulders
  • Strength Exercises to stabilize and strengthen joints
  • Flexibility Exercises to lengthen muscle fibers
  • Private Support Group
  • Only $15

How does poor mobility contribute to my pains?

If you have poor mobility in your upper body, the thoracic spine, the lumbar spine (lower back) will pick up the slack and compensate for the lack of movement in the thoracic spine. This can lead to low back pain and fatigue. On the opposite end of the thoracic spine, are the shoulders and neck. A lack of mobility in the thoracic spine can cause dysfunction and pain in the shoulders and neck. (Heneghan et al, 2017). Even though you may have pain directly at your shoulder or neck, every muscle is connected and contributing to your pain. Focusing on the origin of the pain will help you relieve your pain quicker and prevent it from coming back.

What can you do now?

Luckily, your pain can improve and your poor mobility compensation can be reversed. You need to address your upper body mobility with clear and specific movements. This means, your shoulders rolling inwards, your upper back rounding and your neck fall forward need to be corrected. All this poor posture directly contributes to neck, shoulder and back pain.

Why will this work?

The Move Better Mobility Program isn’t focused on just MOBILITY exercises. This is one vital component but for your body to reap the benefits and sustained the effects long term, there are 2 equally important components, STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY.


Test Your Mobility.

You need to have a starting point for your mobility. This allows for continual feedback of your mobility program. To make it easy for you, I have included a self shoulder/thoracic mobility test which you can self assess weekly to ensure you are seeing improvements.

Mobilize Your Joints.

Performing multi-range movements directed by your joints will help prevent injuries. Moving your joints will begin to release tension around your surrounding primary muscles and lubricate your joints. The synovial fluid which is surrounds most of your joints, will be spread around to bring oxygen and nutrients to your cartilage. This helps to keep your joints strong and healthy.

Strengthen Your Muscles.

Stronger ligaments and muscles help stabilize your joints. Strength training after mobilization of your joints help to reinforce the improved range of motion and function. This will further help to prevent injury, muscle compensation and joint pains when your move. An added bonus of strength training it stronger bones due to loss of bone density as you age.

Stretch Your Muscles.

Lengthening your muscle fibers leads to better mobility. When you mobilize your joint and strengthen the muscles around it, keeping your muscles flexible will ensure your mobility is not lost. As you age muscle fibers shorten. As you strength train, muscles fibers contract. Static stretches for your muscles completes the cycle of a well rounded mobility program.

Don’t let Pain Rule your Life. Take Charge Now!


Move Freely. Feel Amazing. Live Fully.

Legal Information

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