10 Simple Ways to Move Pain Free

10 Simple Ways to Move Pain Free and Feel Amazing!

Moving around shouldn’t be discouraging and uncomfortable. You should be able to move around the way your body was designed. Mobilizing your joints will help reduce pain and stabilize movements to enable you to begin living your best life again.

So why would you want to continue living with pain? You don’t have to!


Your body was once a well oiled machine. You could get up and down, push and lift without too much of a challenge. Now you’re waking up stiff all over, standing for 5 minutes and your back aches and it’s a world of hurt just trying to bend over and tie your shoe.  This isn’t the way you want to live the rest of your life.  Your body was designed to move freely without numerous compensations. But if you are not regularly going through a mobility routine, you’re living each day with compensations and unnecessary pains.

What is mobility? Quite simply, mobility can be defined as ‘usable ranges of motion’.

To maximize your body movement potential, you need to have adequate ranges of motion, strength through your ranges and maximum control of your individual joints. Then you will be able to move well, produce smooth coordinated motion and distribute forces evenly throughout your body.

Stiffness, restrictions, and in some cases, pain, are your body notifications telling you mobility may be compromised.

Will stretching help your mobility?

While stretching is a popular solution for trying to fix poor mobility, results are usually short lived. That’s because stretching alone only ‘temporarily’ allows access to greater range of motion. This is quickly reversed if it’s not accompanied with some kind of specific strengthening work.


I am sharing my 10 simple ways to help you reduce pain and have your body feeling amazing.

As you age, your joints and bones are more prone to becoming brittle and a higher probability of fractures.and This is a common health problem associated with aging.

Restoring joint mobility will help in several areas. It should help reduce or eliminate joint pains from overcompensation. It should improve your strength and stability by narrowing the gap with your muscle imbalance. And it should overall improve daily movements so you can move freely and move with comfort.

Test Your Mobility:

Let’s check out your ankle joint by performing a self ankle mobility test. Ankle mobility is essential for squatting, marking, shuffling and jumping. A normal ankle will bend about 20 degrees when on the ground. This will give you an initial idea if your ankles are restricted through limited mobility.

Here is easy test for ankle mobility.

  1. Face and stand about 2 inches way from the wall. Take one leg, step back and kneel down. With your front leg (leg closest to the wall) push your knee forward, keeping your heel on the ground and try to do this without the arch of your foot collapsing into the ground. You get a passing grade if you are able to touch your knee to the wall without your arch collapsing or heel coming off the ground.

This simple ankle mobility test provides you with a glimpse with the mobility of every day movement, from sitting in a chair to walking. If ankle mobility needs some work or if you’re experiencing pain with other parts of your body, download this FREE GUIDE – 10 Simple Ways to Move Pain Free and Feel Amazing and begin implementing the solutions in this guide.

If you have specific questions regarding any areas of limited mobility or other any health and fitness questions, you can easily reach me at joe.cheng@stayfitanywhere.com. I am happy to answer any of your questions and guide you to which treatment approach is best for you. I want to see you live pain free and moving well for the rest of your life! – Coach Joe

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