Fusing Movements Into Your Daily Habits

Top 5 Foundation Exercises

As a baby, you learn to roll before you crawl. You crawl before your walk. You walk before you run. These are our top 5 exercises which you should be familiar with before jumping into a workout routine. They will help to prevent injury and you will get the most out of your workout. They are the building blocks to a solid exercise foundation. Why are these the top 5? They are the top 5 because they incorporate movements you do on a daily basis: sit and stand, lift, walk, push and pull.

Take the time to perfect these top 5 exercises and I guarantee you will feel stronger, more energetic and be one step closer to your fitness goals!

#1: Sit and Stand – (aka: chair squat, squat, getting in and out of a car)

#2: Pushing (aka: pushups, chest presses, putting things on shelves, pushing a stroller)

#3: Pulling (aka: lat pull down, back rows, opening a door, mopping the floor)

#4: Lifting – (aka: deadlift, roman deadlift, pickup up grocery bags, lifting your child)

#5: Walking (aka: lunges, side lunges, any type of walk, run movement)