Tired If your work day consists of mainly one position, sitting, this is for you. Some of you may not know, that I use to be one of those individuals. The day would consist of waking up, driving to work, grabbing a coffee and plopping my butt down in a comfy chair infront of a computer screen. Probably exactly what you’re doing right now. Then the rest of my day would consist of getting up a couple of times in the morning to go to a meeting where I would sit again. A lot of times, lunch wasn’t even on my radar and right around 3pm, my brain and body was telling me it was nap time. The last two hours of work just dragged and dragged. If this is you, then keep on reading.
After years and years of repetitiveness, I thought, there must be more to life than going around in a cycle like a gerbil in a wheel. Of course it isn’t feasible for all of us to change careers and find jobs that require more movement and time to eat a sensible lunch. So what kind of solutions are out here? Glad you asked! This is one of the main reason, we at StayFitAnywhere have started to focus more on helping companies create effective and realistic wellness solutions. I have been right where you are, so I come from a decade of the dreaded work life cycle experience.
We want to educate and create custom solutions for the workplace. Since you have to be at work, you should make the best of it, get extra pep in your step, a quick energy boost(not caffeine related), and to relieve stress when ridiculous deadlines become overwhelming.  We at Stayfitanywhere have developed effective educational seminars, delivered during your lunch hour. Why lunch hour? This ensures you actually take a lunch and feed your body as well as feed your mind. See how one lunch and learn energizes the rest of your day. If you don’t believe me, ask some of the companies we’ve helped out, like Ledcor and Discovery Parks. Or better yet, email us at info@stayfitanywhere.com to experience your very own mind opening Lunch and Learn. We know you and your company will benefit, grab our hand, we’ll guide you every step of the way.

~joe cheng – BCS, PTS

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