…no, I’m not talking about all the rain coming down in Vancouver today but all the new fresh ice being put in to the rinks. Yes, the time has arrived, time to dust off those skates and head out to the arenas. It’s a terrific activity for not only you but friends and family.  It’s great for cardio, balance, speed, power and agility. All fundamentals which Stayfitanywhere embrace.  If you’ve never skated before, there are many ways to get started, through on ice skating lessons to off ice balance and strength training.  I wish I could skate like a professional hockey player, so I spend some time a couple times a week, strap on my skates, head to the westend rink and practice practice practice.  I’m sure you’ve all watched a hockey game and probably even follow your favourite hockey team like the TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS! Watching the athleticism is inspiring.  Just because the cooler weather is settling in doesn’t mean we have an excuse to decrease our physical activities. Get those skates sharpened and I’ll see you on the ice….which coincidentally is also Stayfitanywhere’s November active event.


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