Yesterday was a fabulous day to be doing an amazing race type challenge. If you guys haven’t heard of it, it was called CityChase. Teams of two had to find 10 out of 25 checkpoints and then do some crazy activity at each one. Not only did you have to use physical strength but also mental. Everything from sword fighting, solving a rubix cube, choreograph dancing to a pussycat doll song, to eating pig intestines. It was challenging in all aspects. The greatest thing was, you met all like minded people where you built alliances and helped each other out in different events.
If you have never tried it before, I would highly recommend it. There were people of all ages and fitness levels. Check it out,
There are always terrific things right around you to stay fit anywhere. Being fit doesn’t mean hitting the gym, just get out there and move. See you next year at citychase!


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