Olympics Well it’s been over a week since the Olympics have ended. What a fantastic two weeks it was for me. I attended multiple hockey games, mainly the Canada games. If you’ve never been to an international hockey game with your home country playing, there is nothing else like it. The atmosphere, the energy and anticipation from the time they step on the ice for the warm ups till the final buzzer goes. It’s an experience that is indescribable.
Just imagine all the years these athletes have trained, all the sacrifices, all the excuses they could’ve come up with to not reach their goals, but they were determined and motivated and in the end were on the biggest stage.
Along the way, I’m sure they had plenty of personal trainers and advice and suggestions on what they should be doing. Somewhere along the line it just clicked, hard work pays off!
So every time when you think the extra rep or the extra metre or the extra 10 seconds is just too much or it’s beyond what you’re comfortable with, just remember what these athletes go through and look where they ended up.
Everyone can step up and achieve higher results, dig deep. If you can’t push yourself to go the extra step, we at stayfitanywhere surely can!
What’s your next goal? Set it and get it!

Joe Cheng – PTS


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