My Story

For the past decade my life gradually became increasingly hectic. As I was working to improve my fitness business and transitioning part of it to online, I met this amazing woman who I eventually married. And during this time, my physical activities decreased. Why? All I can do is give you a shoulder shrug. Like most of you and the reasons I hear often, “Life got in the way.” And then I was too busy. And this is coming from a personal training coach.
Then a couple of other incredible life moments happened — my beautiful daughters was born a few years apart. And the more important role of father took priority over my own health. And I did all this in my later years. Although is mid 40’s considered old now?

Before I knew it I went from 10% body fat and feeling pain free to being very close to a couch potato and nagging pains creeping up all over my body. But I didn’t quite hit rock bottom yet.  Then came the NHL hockey season. After months of lounging on the couch following my favourite team, the Toronto Maple Leafs,  miss the playoffs again, I was drowning my sorrows in a couple of beers and candy. You would’ve thought hitting rock bottom was watching a m&m roll down my chest and NOT roll off onto the couch cushion but  wedge itself into one of my growing rolls of fat. But the turning point was moving my arm over to pick the m&m out and having a shooting pain radiate from my shoulder to my finger tips. I knew I needed to change. I felt like crap, I looked like crap ( at least in my eyes) and I was ashamed to be called a personal training coach…just being honest.

I was educating and training clients on how to not be me.  

Enough was enough and I need to do a 45 degree change. Not a 180, that’s too drastic. Anyone who has tried to lose fat or start a new workout routine knows how difficult it is to stick with it. So I was going to start slow. I wasn’t looking to get ripped or into one of those muscular body building competitions. All I wanted was to be less chubby and achy, increase my energy and be healthier for my wife and daughters. And by less chubby I mean losing some of the bouncing belly fat.

I searched over hundreds of exercise programs to whip my butt back into shape. I even started a few of these quick fix programs but failed at every one.  I never quite captured the motivation to keep going with it. I felt like a workout failure. You probably experienced similar failures. This led me to take to take a closer look at the way a lot of exercise programs were designed.

This was my a-ha moment!

I realized I could spend just a few minutes exercising, at any location, at any time, and I could burn calories. I started to implement this into my lifestyle. Instead of microwaving pogo’s, I learned to whip up 10 minute meals from scratch. Instead of skipping workouts with no time, I did 5 minute bite-sized workouts. Instead of allowing myself to be lazy, I developed new lifestyle habits that would benefit me now that I’m in my 40’s.

It worked!  

I shed the fat and I started to feel better physically. With slow, steady progress I was able to change my attitude, my physical body, and my mental outlook. 

I know there are others out there that are just like me, into your 40’s and wondering where the time went. I want to share my challenges and how I overcame it and show you how to achieve your success. I want to show you how you can keep the fat off and stay lean after 40. I understand how hard it is because I was just like you, sitting on the couch, sitting at your desk, looking down at your belly and thinking, “Where did that come from?” I understand how you don’t have time to get to the gym. I understand how easy it is to grab fast food instead of making something healthy.

But I did it. YOU CAN TOO. But you don’t have to do it alone because I’m going to help you. 

I’m going to be your workout buddy and show you my exercises and techniques so you can become less chunky, have a spring in your step, get healthy again so you can keep up with your kids. Start feeling and looking your best again.

I have a FREE guide, How to Kickstart Your Fat Loss which includes workouts and tips to stay lean after 40. I’m here for you, let’s kick the fat to the curb!

Your friend and personal online coach,
Joe Cheng –

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