well, i just go back from a quick visit to Ontario.  And although I didn’t hit a gym I did manage to keep moving the majority of the time.  Something as simple as going for a walk with my little nephew.  So this brings me to what I did last year with my clients.  I had a walking pedometer challenge.  It kept people motivated and helped them stay active any way they can no matter where they were.  There were people who left for Paris, France and had their pedometers with them.  Now that’s dedication.

In the end, I found people were involved in a bit more physical activity.  So we’ve decided to run it for August.  I’ll be adding a pedometer challenge site with all the info on our website in the upcoming weeks.  In the mean time if you’re looking for any info, you can always email me.   You can pick pedometers up anywhere, Canadian Tire, Costco, Coast Mountain Sports, etc.  Get your pedometers now and start tracking your steps.

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