Hello everyone.  I just wanted to update you on our website progress.  There has been some extreme load times with our stayfitanywhere site for the past month, sorry about the inconvenience.  This was frustrating not only for us but all the visitors to our site.  We have now migrated to another hosting provider to speed up the download time.  So far so good and it looks like the stayfitanywhere site is flying.  We hope to provide your online training workouts even faster to your computers and mobile devices.

The Stayfitanywhere blog should be running efficiently, along with our Stayfitanywhere newsletter.  If you haven’t checked out the September SFA Press, you can now view it at http://www.stayfitanywhere.com/newsletter and tell us what you think.

Thanks again for visiting Stayfitanywhere and reading our Stayfitanywhere blog, Stayfitanywhere Facebook Fan Page and staying up to date with us on Stayfitanywhere twitter.