30 Day Mind Body Revitalization program guaranteed jump start your body transformation.

30 Day

Mind & Body


In the FIRST WEEK, you will be convinced this works.
Every limb in your body will move better and feel stronger. And your energy will last throughout your entire day!

This 30 Day Mind Body Revitalization program is designed to promote SUSTAINABLE healthy habits to help you move stronger and play longer for the rest of your life.

You will NEVER need to restart again.

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Is this YOU?
  • You lose motivation to exercise regularly
  • You want a leaner, pain free, high energy body
  • You want confidence to move your body
  • You want results quickly
  • You want a program which will finally work for YOU
In the next 30 days
  • you will develop sustainable consistent habits,
  • you will learn movements to move pain free, get stronger and lean,
  • you will achieve sustainable results,

What’s in the 30 Day Mind Body Revitalization Program?

What you get:
  • Personal coaching prep videos
  • Weekly 10min low impact mobility/strength exercises with levels of progression (beginners to advance)
  • Weekly mindset strategies to build confidence, habits and accountability
  • Weekly nutritional guidance
  • Full 30 Day Calendar of exercises and activities
  • VIP Access nutritional, motivation and coaching tips
All you need:
  • a timer (watch, phone)
  • small space to move
  • 10 minutes of uninterrupted “ME” time
  • a water bottle
  • pen and paper

Now more than ever, your mind and body needs to be resilient to endure the overwhelming and uncontrollable stresses of everyday life.

But like thousands of my past clients before they joined, you may lack the motivation to stay consistent or simply don’t know where to start.

If that’s the case, this 30 Day Mind & Body Revitalization program is the blueprint you need to transform your current sluggish life to a vibrant one.

I have recently rediscovered my love of tennis again. I am able to get back into the game I love as a result of a complete health renovation plan I had begun. Having undertaken an entrepreneurial journey which came with a lot of stress, it completely overwhelmed my entire life and threw me out of a structured routine I had for the past 20 years. I was burnt out and I hit a “wall”. I know I needed to something. I didn’t even have time to eat some days, how would I even begin to exercise? But I knew I had to hit a health reset button. My body was aching and I was in really bad shape. And if I didn’t do anything to change, I knew I would fall apart, literally.

My plan was to build a whole array of new habits from exercise to eating properly and loving myself. My new habits would replace all the bad habits that I had unconsciously mastered. And I knew this would be a long, long journey. Here I am today, a few years later and almost half the size I was at my lowest point.  I have the strength / energy / confidence to get back in the game.

StayFitAnywhere has been the core to my success with their down to earth “fit for life” coaching style and smarts on how to work with my fitness goals at every stage of my health recovery. I couldn’t have done this without the simplicity of the “stay fit anywhere” approach. I could train literally anywhere; I have even worked out in a stairwell. Whatever it takes, the journey to health is a path with no end and that is the best investment I’ve made. The health of my mind and body is priceless. Without our health, we have nothing. Anybody up for a game? ~Trina

Are you ready to revitalize your mind and body?

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By the End of the 30 Days,

You’ll Have Rediscovered:

Improved Muscle and Joint Mobility

movements will be more fluid allowing for wider range of motion

Increased Muscular and Joint Strength

Stability and strength will be present to prevent injuries and pain

Increased Mind & Body Stamina

energy levels will increase for activity along with cognitive focus

And more importantly, you will have achieved sustainable habits and proper movements towards your next health and fitness goals.

“I learned that I could workout out in the comfort of my home and still see results without over exhausting myself with long workouts. I re-established better eating habits and a regular workout schedule which fit into my busy schedule. The hardest part was getting my mind around this not being a quick fix but a long term commitment for the life I want to live. I’ve had very successful results and feel the best I have felt in four years.” ~Christina

This 30 Day Mind Body Revitalization Will


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