A Sweet Struggle

For some of you who grew up in the 80's, do you remember the days of the yellowy spongy goodness of a cream filled twinkie? What about the hard crust chocolatey shell of the wagon wheel and of course, one of my childhood favourites, a sugar crust top and an apple and raspberry filled pastry, with a very short and unique name, the Creme and Apple Raspberry Passion Flakie...mmmmmm. I know these sugar bombs are still around but most people that I have come across don't seem to be picking up too many boxes of these treats. This article isn't to debate the good and bad of sugar I'll save that for another post. (Although many health studies have concluded it's the #1 leading cause of obesity). Many of you have expressed the difficulties of eliminating sugar from your daily diet. I love...

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Fitness Vacation with Eat Play Love Fitness

Sun, rain, wind, calm waters, you can find every weather condition on the same day on the Sunshine coast. I have never had the pleasure of experiencing this natural piece of beauty and was invited to come along a fitness vacation. Simone Lovell, owner of Eat Play Love Fitness, books 5 star fitness vacations not only along the Sunshine Coast but throughout British Columbia. This time we were at Pender Harbour at the Painted Boat. Each day was packed with activities and meals structured to maximize the most out of each vacationer. Simone had certified personal trainers, myself and Martin who trains over at Target Fitness, to help instruct and keep everyone motivated. From cardio bootcamp circuits and challenging hikes to myofascial release and hot tub soaking. Each participant was educated and fully exhausted at the end of the day....

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